Monday, 13 June 2016

Forest Nymph

I thought of making a series inspired by Finnish mythology.

This look was inspired by Tellervo, who is a young and playful daughter of the Forest God, Tapio.
She is described as pretty girl, who controls the cattle and helps the harvest grow.
She is mentioned in Kalevala (book of our national folktale), 
but she is also a character in our ancient religion. 

Sadly this poem is too hard to be translated to English, because
Finnish has so many unique words, which can not be translated to other languages :/
But all Finnish readers will at least understand this.

"Tellervo, Tapion neiti, metsän tyttö tylleröinen,
utupaita, hienohelma, hivus keltainen, korea,
jok' olet karjan kaitselija, viitsijä emännän viljan
mieluisassa Metsolassa, tarkassa Tapiolassa!
Kaitse karja kaunihisti, viitsi vilja virkeästi!"

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